The Differences Culture Between Indonesia and Japan

31 Mar
Activities Indonesia Japan
Transportation usage In Indonesia, private transport is a favorite for the Indonesian people. In Japan, mass transit (public) transportation is the best choice. Because in addition to saving, the public can help the economy of their own country.
The taste of the food Most Indonesian people like a hot and spicy taste in their food. Most japanese people like fresh food like Susie that have variant taste like salty, sour and sweet. But they prefer like a natural taste.
The behavior of the parents for the children Indonesian parents are very protective over their children and will stay with them until they get married. Japanese people always give their children motivation and develop their eagerness from their still in the elementary school. They parents prefer to make their children aren’t spoiled.
throw garbage beberapa orang membuang sampah dimana saja junk food scraps are stored into a pants pocket or put in a bag, and then discarded after finding trash.
doing homework when given a homework, you could say Overnight racing system (SKS) when given a homework, they immediately to the library or browse the internet to find material for the homework.

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